Integrate with KeldairHR Hiring System

The KeldairHR Hiring System helps you recruit, attract, process, and hire the most qualified people. 

Gusto integrates with KeldairHR to automate the transfer of new-hire data from the KeldairHR hiring system to Gusto.

Customers who join Gusto from KeldairHR will receive Gusto free for their first 3 months.

Connect to Gusto from KeldairHR

  1. Sign in to KeldairHR.
  2. Under “Admin” in the left menu, click Marketplace.
  3. Click the Payroll category.
  4. Choose Learn More below the Gusto tile.
  5. If you already have a Gusto account, click Sign into Gusto and sign in with your Gusto admin credentials.
    • Click Create a Gusto account if you need to set up an account.
  6. Click Authorize.
  7. You’ll be taken back to your KeldairHR account and should see an alert indicating the connection was successful.
    • You can also confirm the connection is active from your Payroll page in the Marketplace.

Within any completed job applicant’s file, you can now click Hire in the “Stages” tab of the file and sync them to Gusto. Read more below.

Add a new hire to Gusto from KeldairHR

Sending a new hire’s information from KeldairHR to Gusto will sync their applicant profile data, like contact information, name, address, and more.

Any additional information you collect from the applicant must be added to Gusto directly (as needed).

  1. In KeldairHR, click Jobs in the left-menu.
  2. Select a job and view the applicant list.  
  3. Open an applicant’s file. 
  4. Click Hire in the “Stages” tab of the file once you’ve decided to hire an applicant.
  5. Proceed with sending the welcome information/notices to the new hire by clicking Send.
  6. Click Yes, send information to Gusto to add the new hire information to Gusto.
    • You can also complete this step at a later time.

The new hire’s data will appear in your Gusto account, awaiting further action from the employee needing to complete their onboarding in Gusto. To view the new hire, click the People section, select Team members, and go to the Onboarding tab. If you don’t see the new hire in Gusto, confirm the information was sent by visiting the Stream tab of the applicant profile in KeldairHR.

Still need help? 

Check out the KeldairHR help center, or contact them directly at [email protected] or (570) 880-0218.