Integrate with Traliant

Traliant offers 50+ interactive courses for employees and managers on a variety of training topics, including harassment prevention. 

Gusto partners with Traliant to provide an exclusive deal for online harassment prevention trainingHarassment prevention training is essential for educating employees on what's acceptable and unacceptable workplace behavior, as well as reinforcing that it's everyone's responsibility to speak up and report incidents of harassment and retaliation.

Gusto also offers compliance based trainings for your employees and contractors right in your Gusto account—learn more about Gusto Learning.

Connect to Traliant from Gusto

  1. Sign in to your Gusto admin account.
  2. Go to the App directory section.
  3. In the "Find an app" search bar, search for and select Traliant.
  4. Click Connect.
  5. From the Traliant & Gusto integration page, choose your industry from the dropdown.
  6. Click Preview the Course.
  7. Read about what the course will cover, any additional details or options that may be offered, and preview the demo video.
    • The California Harassment Prevention Training takes about 1 hour for non-managers and 2 hours for managers. 
    • Other state-specific trainings take 35 minutes – 2 hours.
  8. Enter the number of learners you want to train.
    • Cost: $20 per employee
    • You can purchase up to 100 licenses and import your employee data directly through the integration with Gusto to set up learners for each course. If you select more than 100 licenses, Traliant's Client Services team will reach out to assist you with your purchase.
  9. Choose if you’d like to add your policy document in PDF format (+$45).
  10. Select if you’d like to add a Spanish version (+$50).
  11. Add your purchase to your cart.
  12. Check the cart to make sure the order is correct and click Proceed to checkout.
    • You'll be redirected to an "Account Information" page where you'll register for a Traliant account. Once registered, you'll be returned to the "Checkout" page.
  13. On the checkout page, review the total price and fill out your billing information.
  14. Click Place Order.
    • You'll receive an email with all necessary resources and a real-time activity report that shows employee participation.
  15. Go to the Learner Setup section.
  16. Click Add/Show Learners.
  17. Click Add a New Learner.
  18. In the top-right of the page, click Import Gusto Users.
  19. Enter your Gusto sign-in credentials and click Sign in.
  20. Click Authorize.
  21. Scroll to the "Choose from Existing Users" section and check the box next to the employees you wish to enroll.
  22. Click Add New Learner.
  23. Once all learners have been added, click Confirm Pending Learners.

Employees will receive an email with a link to the course, their username and password, and instructions and technical needs to complete the course within 30 days. 

After 30 days, admins will receive a detailed employer report on who completed the training and when. Employees who do not complete the training after 30 days will receive an email reminder and automatic deadline extension.


Q: Do employees need to have access to a computer to take the training?

A: No. Employees can also access the training on a smartphone or tablet.

Q: Does Traliant offer a course for managers?

A: Yes. In fact, it’s recommended for anyone in a supervisory role. Many states with mandatory harassment prevention training also require that manager trainings include additional information, and are therefore longer than the standard employee training. 

Q: How do I assign training to meet the new requirements for team members in Chicago?

A: Chicago employees and managers need Chicago Editions of both Preventing Discrimination & Harassment and Bystander Intervention training. Once you have purchased the two courses, either: