Integrate with Pave

Pave is a suite of compensation tools that helps companies plan and communicate total compensation. With Pave, you get a real-time pulse of offer letters, equity grants, and merit cycle packages.  

Pave integrates with Gusto to help push the most up-to-date employee compensation information to Pave. Gusto syncs employee count and employee wages (salaries) to Pave.

Customers who join Gusto from Pave will receive Gusto free for their first 3 months.

Connect Pave and Gusto

  1. Sign in to Pave.
  2. Go to the Integrations section.
  3. Click the New integration dropdown.
  4. Select Gusto.
  5. After being redirected to Gusto, enter your sign in credentials.
  6. Click Sign In.
  7. Click Authorize.
    • The integration will show as “Connected” once fully set up. The status may read “Pending verification” for up to a few minutes before connecting.

Pave will now sync your compensation data in from Gusto to power its compensation tools. The sync of information will occur daily to make sure data is accurate and current. For example: if you dismiss an employee in Gusto today, their data will no longer be used or viewable in the compensation tools after the next sync.

After you’ve connected the integration, you’ll unlock additional products in Pave. Use the Pave menu to navigate through them as desired.

Still need help? 

Send Pave an email at [email protected].