Integrate with Capbase

Capbase is a company built by founders for founders to streamline their growth from incorporation to exit. Capbase automates your legal paperwork and provides a wide variety of services, from registering your company in states to helping you build a board of directors. Check out their full list of offerings here.

Gusto integrates with Capbase to help streamline the hiring and people management process. The integration allows you to create new Gusto accounts for employees or contractors in Capbase. 

Customers who join Gusto from Capbase will receive Gusto free for their first 3 months.

Connect Gusto to Capbase and link existing users

  1. Sign in to Capbase.

  2. Go to the Company Integrations section.

  3. Under “Business Integrations”, locate the Gusto tile and click Connect Gusto.

  4. Click Connect to authorize access.

  5. Enter your Gusto sign-in credentials, and click Authorize.

  6. If you have more than one account with Gusto, select which company account you wish to connect to Capbase from the dropdown.

  7. Click Continue.

    • You’re now connected–moving forward, when you add an employee to your company in Capbase, you can also create their Gusto account. 

  8. Link and manage your existing Gusto accounts by clicking Action Required on the Gusto card on the integrations page. Four tabs will appear:

    • To review: all the users from Gusto that have not been reviewed, linked, ignored, or in any way accounted for yet in Capbase.

      • If an individual is in Gusto but not in Capbase yet, you will not be able to create the user in Capbase with the integration.

    • Linked accounts:  Gusto accounts that have successfully been linked to a Capbase user.

    • Ignored: this is where Gusto users you did want to link to Capbase live.

      • Once-ignored users can still be linked after the fact, if desired. 

    • Settings: this page indicates the last connection time and who performed the connection. You can also remove the integration from this page.

Once you’ve linked a user, they’ll receive an email invitation asking them to set up their Gusto account. While users can self-onboard, administrators also have the option to assist with entering hiring and onboarding details.

Adding new Capbase users to Gusto

It’s best practice to add an individual to Capbase first to make sure the proper paperwork is completed. New employees and contractors will not be linked to Gusto automatically, to link them: 

  1. Go to the Team section

  2. Click the Employees & Contractors tab.

  3. Click the gear icon next to an employee or contractor’s name (once you’ve added them).

  4. Click Connect to connect the new user to Gusto.

  5. Click Integrate to send an email invitation asking the individual to set up their Gusto account.

    • Users will be asked to self-onboard, but administrators also have the option to assist with entering hiring and onboarding details.

Removing users in Capbase and Gusto

If you terminate an employee or contractor in Capbase, you must also do so in Gusto, manually. Use the resources below to help:

Still need help? 

Contact Capbase directly at [email protected].