Integrate with Boast.AI

Boast.AI gathers information from your existing technical and financial systems to help identify, categorize, and track R&D tax credit eligible projects and costs, all while automating the application process.

Boast.AI only charges a fee when its customers receive their refund from the government, so there are no upfront costs. Gusto integrates with Boast.AI  to streamline company qualification for their eligible R&D tax credits by syncing employee wage data to Boast.AI.

Customers who join Gusto from Boast.AI will receive Gusto payroll free for their first 3 months. 

Set up the Gusto and Boast.AI integration

  1. Sign in to Boast.AI.
  2. Click the Company Details icon.
  3. Click Integrations.
  4. Click the + button to add a new integration.
  5. From the Provider drop-down select Gusto.
  6. Add your company name as the Resource name.
  7. Click Next.
  8. If you already have a Gusto account, click Authorize & Import to import employees and salaries. If not, enter your information in the "Create new Gusto accounts" section.
    • Selecting Authorize & Import will redirect you to Gusto’s website.
  9. Enter your Gusto credentials and click Sign In.
    • Make sure you’re a full access admin of the account you’re trying to link to Boast.AI. If not, the integration will not work.
  10. Click Authorize to allow access and be redirected to Boast.AI.
    • The following information will start importing immediately: employee names, work states, job titles, salary type, salary/wage, fixed compensation (“bonus”), start date, termination date (if applicable), and vacation days.

The Boast.AI Integration will auto-sync on a weekly basis to capture any changes to employee information in Gusto.

Once you’ve connected, you can navigate to the Salary page and click Load to populate the page with newly imported data. Imported employees will now be shown on the Employees page.

Claiming the R&D credit

  1. In Boast.AI, add and approve your R&D time tracking.
  2. Boast.AI will map that information to Gusto’s payroll data and complete the Federal and State R&D tax calculations for the associated tax forms. 
  3. A Boast.AI representative will work with you to set them up as an external accountant on your Gusto account–an accountant firm is required in order to set you up to claim the R&D tax credit in Gusto. 
    • If you already have an accountant, once the R&D study is complete, Boast.AI can provide the report to your accountant so they can set you up to claim the credit in Gusto.

Still need help?

Contact Boast.AI at (800) 290-5672 or [email protected].