A Qualified Small Employer Health Reimbursement Arrangment (QSEHRA) allows small business employers to provide a tax-free reimbursement of certain health care expenses to employees who maintain minimum essential coverage, including an individual Marketplace plan.


If you’re interested in offering QSEHRA to your team, we recommend Take Command Health because they offer similar pricing, additional QSEHRA policy flexibility, and a focus in QSEHRA administration. To learn more about Take Command Health, follow this referral link to set up a new QSEHRA or speak with an expert.

Please note: Gusto no longer administers a QSEHRA. 

Set up payroll reimbursements

Once you offer QSEHRA through a third party (such as Take Command Health), you can set up tax-free payroll reimbursements in Gusto.

Tax reporting: QSEHRA contributions must be recorded on employees' end-of-year tax forms. Payroll admins should report QSEHRA totals when completing the end-of-year checklist in Gusto, then we'll add them to employee tax forms.