Integrate with Travitor

Travitor is a learning platform that brings your employee and customer learning together in one place and makes training accessible from anywhere. You can create your own courses, choose from Travitor's library of courses, assign mandatory trainings, track course completion data, and more.

When you connect to Gusto from Travitor, a one-time sync sends your employees’ info to Travitor so you can start connecting your team to learning resources more quickly. 

Employee info that syncs from Gusto to Travitor:

Companies that sign up for Travitor from Gusto receive 20% off Travitor for 12 months.

Connect to Gusto from Travitor 

To set up the connection, your company must first have a Travitor account and you must have admin permissions. 

  1. Sign in to your Travitor admin account.
  2. In the top right corner, click the dropdown menu to the left of your profile picture. 
  3. Click Settings
  4. Click Integrations
  5. Next to "Gusto Service," click Manage
  6. Click Sign in to Gusto.
  7. Enter your Gusto admin sign-in credentials and click Sign in.
    • If you’re new to Gusto, click Want to sign your company up with Gusto? Once you set up your Gusto account, return to Travitor and finish connecting your accounts. 
  8. Click Authorize.

Your Gusto and Travitor accounts are now connected. Within 15 minutes, your employees' info will sync from Gusto to Travitor. This is a one-time sync that helps you get your team started with Travitor more quickly. If you hire new employees or someone’s info changes, update and add users directly in Travitor. 

Once the sync's complete, your employees are listed in Travitor as users. To view your synced users and start assigning courses, go to the dropdown menu in the top right of your Travitor admin dashboard, choose Settings, then click Manage Users

Travitor account troubleshooting

What if Travitor shows two user accounts for one person? 

If there are duplicate accounts in Travitor for one employee, this may be because they’ve changed their email in Gusto lately. In Travitor, delete the newer user account. In the original user account, go to Settings, then Manage Users and update the employee’s email address. 

What if a user didn’t sync to Gusto? 

Double-check the employee’s email in Gusto and update it if it’s incorrect. Travitor requires a valid email address to create a user account. 

Still need help? 

Contact Travitor directly at [email protected] or 888-298-2070.