Manage your devices with Gusto (as an admin)

Gusto is no longer offering Device Management starting June 30, 2022. 

Any previously enrolled devices will automatically be unenrolled on June 30, 2022. Your employees will not be impacted—unenrolling devices will occur in the background and will not interfere with their work.

If you're looking for another device management option, try JumpCloud.

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Easily manage and protect your company’s devices in Gusto. Help secure your company’s data with full fleet visibility, enforced security standards, and remote wipe and lock capabilities—all at no additional cost during the Early Access program.

What to know before you get started

  1. The Early Access program (EAP) only applies to company-owned Apple devices—we expect to support Windows devices by May 2022.
    • There’s no limit to the number of Apple devices you can add.
    • The EAP is optimized for Apple computers so support for phones and tablets will be limited and not all security functionality may work, but you can still add them.
  2. There is no cost to you to manage your hardware using Gusto during the Early Access program. 
    • The EAP will last until the end of April 2022, and may be extended beyond then.
    • After the EAP has ended, hardware management will be priced competitively against comparable products.
  3. Enrolled devices will have security profiles/settings installed (via a Gusto enrollment file).
    • Several security profiles/settings will be applied, including setting up firewalls to protect against malicious access, blocking phishing websites, enforcing minimum password strength, etc. More information can be found in the Security profiles dropdown below. 

Here’s how it works—an overview

  1. The company gives Gusto permission to access your Apple devices
  2. You invite teammates to enroll their device(s) via email or by manually enrolling them yourself.
  3. Employees/contractors complete the enrollment 
    • When employees and contractors enroll (and/or visit our Help Center for help), we’ll let them know what the company can and cannot see/do with their devices. 
  4. Admins can view and manage company-owned devices, including:
    • Keeping track of your entire fleet of enrolled devices
    • Monitoring device health and connection status
    • View installed apps, software, and more
    • Remotely locking and wiping devices
    • Customize security settings for managed devices

If you need help at any time, get the quickest answers by emailing [email protected] directly.