Enroll a device in the company’s device management program (as an employee or contractor)

Before you can enroll your device to be managed by your company, an admin must invite you to enroll. Once they have, you’ll receive an email invite (at the work email on file in Gusto) and can take the next steps from there.

Here’s what to expect

Your company requires that you enroll the device you use for work in its device management program. This helps keep your computer up to date, secure and allows the company to take action if it gets lost or stolen.

Your company will not be able to monitor or see your activity on the computer other than a few basic details—more info in the table below.

What your company will be able to do

What your company cannot do

See basic details about the device and its state (e.g. serial number, model, connection status, storage space, etc.)

See your personal data, documents, messages, or browsing history

Enforce security policies (e.g. firewalls and antivirus, password strength, screensaver lock time, etc.)

Track your whereabouts in real-time

See what apps are installed

Prevent the installation of custom apps and software

Lock or wipe the device for security purposes (e.g. lost, stolen, left the company, etc)

View app data

Use the dropdowns below if you're asked to enroll your device or reset the password on it.