Integrate with Bitlancer Studio Tools (for Mariana Tek)

Bitlancer Studio Tools automatically calculates payroll for fitness studio instructors and staff. With class and timeclock data from Mariana Tek, Bitlancer generates reports on gross payment amounts and any class attendance bonuses. 

If you want to upload Bitlancer payment reports directly to Gusto and pay your team more efficiently, follow the below steps to connect your company’s Gusto and Bitlancer accounts.

Customers who join Gusto from Bitlancer will receive Gusto payroll free for their first 3 months.

Connect to Gusto from Bitlancer

  1. Sign in to your Bitlancer admin account.
  2. Click Sign in with Mariana Tek and enter your credentials.
  3. Next to “Bitlancer Studio Tools,” click Payroll.
  4. Choose Integrations.
  5. Click Setup Integration.
  6. Click Login to Gusto.
    • If your company doesn’t have a Gusto account yet, click Create a Gusto Account to sign up for Gusto and get 3 months of free payroll.
  7. Enter your Gusto credentials and click Sign In.
  8. Click Authorize.

Your Gusto and Bitlancer accounts are now linked. When you go to your Payroll tab in Bitlancer and choose Integrations, the Gusto integration status is listed as “Active.”  

Upload payroll data to Gusto

Follow these steps to send payroll data from Bitlancer to Gusto. You can only upload data to Gusto once for each pay period report in your dashboard. 

  1. Sign in to Bitlancer Studio Tools.
  2. Under “Gusto Pay Periods,” find the pay period that you want to send to Gusto and click Run.
  3. Make sure the data is accurate then click Upload to Gusto
    • If you receive an error on the next screen, scroll to “Errors and warnings” below to resolve. 
  4. Review the payroll data. If needed, make any changes to regular, overtime or double overtime hours.
  5. Click Upload.
  6. Click OK.

Once the upload is complete, you can find the data in your Gusto admin account in the Payroll tab, under the given pay period.

Resolve errors and warnings

“Employee … is not linked to an employee record in Gusto. Please run employee reconciliation.”

What it means: Bitlancer wasn’t able to automatically link a staff member’s account to their Gusto employee account. This could be because it’s the first time you’ve uploaded payroll to Gusto from Bitlancer, or it could be because employees have different emails or names in each system. 

What to do: 

“Payroll has already been processed in Gusto and can no longer be updated.”

What it means: payroll has already been run in Gusto for the selected time period and cannot be changed. 

“Employee … is not eligible for this payroll in Gusto.”

What it means: the specified employee has been terminated or has a start date in the future. 

What to do: in Mariana Tek, you may need to move the employee's hours to the correct pay period.

“Employee … is not assigned the job … in Gusto.”

What it means: by default, Bitlancer assigns the job title of “Staff” to hours generated by the Mariana Tek timeclock, and “Instructor” to all other pay. You may also have custom job titles that have been set up by Bitlancer support. Employees’ job titles in Gusto and Bitlancer must match in order for their data to be uploaded.

What to do: in Gusto, update the employee’s job title to match their title in Bitlancer. 

“Employee … is missing the … compensation for job … in Gusto.”

What it means: the employee is either classified as salaried instead of hourly, or they don’t have the commission or customized earning type enabled to support flat rate pay.

What to do: you may need to change the employee to hourly or add a new pay rate for them.

“No payroll found in Gusto matching pay period ....”

What it means: you can only upload data for dates that match your pay periods in Gusto.

What to do: return to the dashboard and run a report with dates that match a pay period in Gusto. 

Frequently asked questions

Q: Where do I configure employee pay rates?

A: “Per class” amounts (such as $50 per class) and incentives (such as $1 per head) are configured in Bitlancer Studio Tools. During the Gusto upload process, Bitlancer uploads the gross dollar amount an employee is owed.

“Hourly” amounts (for instructors paid hourly or staff members using the Mariana Tek timeclock) are configured in Gusto. During the Gusto upload process, Bitlancer will upload the total number of hours an employee has worked.

Q: How do I pay someone a different rate for front desk shifts vs. teaching classes? How can I set up multiple pay rates for instructors?

A: By default, Bitlancer assigns the job title of “Staff” to hours generated by the Mariana Tek timeclock, and “Instructor” to all other pay. Contact Bitlancer support if you want to add more job titles. Then In Gusto, make sure you’ve assigned each employee their relevant job title(s). Hourly employees can have more than one job title. Employees’ job titles in Gusto and Bitlancer must match in order for their data to be uploaded. 

Q: Why are flat rate amounts being uploaded as commission?

A: Flat rate dollar amounts (such as base pay or incentives) are uploaded to Gusto as commission by default. Consult your accountant and/or tax advisors before using the Gusto upload functionality. Bitlancer support can help you configure an earnings type other than commission using Gusto’s custom earning types.

Q: How do I upload to an off-cycle payroll?

A: Bitlancer does not support off-cycle payrolls at this time.

Disconnect Gusto from Bitlancer Studio Tools (and Mariana Tek)

You can disconnect the integration between Gusto and Bitlancer Studio Tools at any time.

  1. Sign in to Bitlancer Studio Tools.
  2. Next to “Bitlancer Studio Tools,” click Payroll.
  3. Choose Integrations.
  4. Click Manage Integration.
  5. Click Disconnect Integration.
  6. Click OK.

Once disconnected, all the Gusto data that was stored in Bitlancer is permanently deleted from Bitlancer. You can always set the integration up again in the future and start uploading new data again. 

Still need help? 

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