What to expect during tax-filing season

As the year comes to an end, we’ll work with your company to make sure you’re set up correctly for a smooth tax-filing season (between Nov - Jan). Head to the Taxes & compliance section of your Gusto account to see what tasks await you.

Review your tax info

We’ll ask a series of questions that’ll help us prepare and file tax documents on your behalf. This includes topics like reporting non-Gusto payrolls, special compensation, reporting fringe benefits, and more.

You can complete these questions all at once, or leave them for later. Incomplete tasks will appear in the Taxes & compliance section for you to finish up. Make sure to take time answering these questions carefully. 

Fill in any missing details 

If you noted that anything was missing while you reviewed your company’s tax info, we’ll follow up with an email that includes next steps. Use the instructions provided in those emails to help you update your Gusto account. 

Report COVID-19 program participation (if needed)

In light of the pandemic, many companies have used government assistance programs that impact taxes. If we need more information about your participation, we’ll let you know. 

Gusto files your company’s annual taxes

We’ll use the information in your account to pay and file taxes early in the new year. 

Distribute tax forms to your team in January

Once taxes have been filed, we’ll create W-2s and 1099s for each employee and contractor that you paid through Gusto in the previous calendar year. They can access these forms directly in their Gusto account. You can download and distribute the forms directly, or you can have Gusto mail the forms to your team. 

Check out the Taxes & compliance section for helpful links, tasks, and key dates to remember. If you need to contact our team, go to the Help section.