Priority support and HR services add-on

With our Premium plan, or the Plus plan with the HR services add-on, you can get direct access to certified HR professionals. Learn more and upgrade your plan here.

HR services

With our Premium plan or HR services add-on, you get access to certified HR pros and resources so you as the employer don't have to do it alone! Having HR services means you can protect your business, get personal support from certified experts, and help with expanding your team. Tackle the tricky aspects of running a business without having to hire an in-house HR expert. 

The Premium plan and HR services add-on also include Priority support. Having the Priority support service puts your company in touch with a dedicated support team made up of a group of knowledgeable customer service reps. This team is here as a resource for all things Gusto, from payroll to benefits questions. Our HR services give customers access to the following: 


Q: If I upgrade my company's account today, can I speak to an HR pro right away?

A: Yes! As long as the HR-designated admin is the person who will be speaking to the Pro, they'll have access to the portal immediately upon upgrading.

Q: Is there a sample handbook I can see before I upgrade?

A: No. Since HR Handbooks are customized based off of company-specific questions, there isn't an example handbook we can provide at this time. 

Q: I got a form from the state (Unemployment, Disability, etc); can the HR team fill it out for me?

A: No. Our HR team acts mainly in an advisory capacity, and doesn't assist in filling out forms on behalf of companies.