Integrate with Housecall Pro

Housecall Pro is a cloud-based field service management tool for service professionals. With Housecall Pro you can schedule jobs, dispatch employees, invoice customers, and collect payments all in one easy-to-use platform. 

Gusto integrates with Housecall Pro to pull timecard entries into payroll, eliminating the need for double entry of employee hours.

Customers who join Gusto from Housecall Pro will receive Gusto payroll free for their first three months.

Connect to Gusto from Housecall Pro

  1. Sign in to Housecall Pro.
  2. Click My Apps from the top-menu to head to the App store.
  3. Click Go to App Store.
  4. Find Gusto in the “Apps we love” section, and click Learn More.
  5. In the top right of the details page, use the toggle function to change the integration status from Disabled to Enabled.
  6. Click Log In to connect an existing Gusto account, or click Sign Up to get started with the creation of a new Gusto account.
  7. Enter your Gusto sign-in credentials and click Sign In.
  8. Click Authorize.
    • You’ll be redirected to Housecall Pro to match your employees.
  9. Use the dropdown arrows to match your Housecall Pro employees to the appropriate Gusto account.
    • Some matches may automatically populate based on an email or name match.
    • While employees can be matched, they cannot be created. 
      • For new employees, be sure to create the employee profile in both Gusto and Housecall Pro before matching.
  10. Click Next.
  11. Review the matches for accuracy and click Confirm.
  12. Click Confirm again to acknowledge that employee hours for any open pay periods in Gusto will be overridden by the hours from an employee’s time tracking events in Housecall Pro.
  13. Confirm you’ve enabled the time tracking feature in Housecall Pro.
    • This is necessary so employees can start adding time entries that will then push to Gusto.

How time entries export to Gusto

As time tracking events are logged by employees, they create time tracking entries in Housecall Pro. Simultaneously, the time entries are instantaneously pushed directly to Gusto for the applicable time period.

Reviewing time entries in Housecall Pro

It’s important to review time entries before processing payroll(s). Admins with the necessary permissions are able to view, add, edit, or create time entries.

  1. Click My Apps from the menu at the top.
  2. Click Time Tracking.
  3. Review and edit or confirm hours as needed.
    • Keep in mind: Housecall Pro does not calculate the amount of overtime by employee. You’ll need to review timecards and manually mark any overtime, or double overtime hours that should be reported.

If any changes are made, once saved, they’ll automatically push to Gusto.

Reviewing hours in Gusto

  1. Click the Payroll section and select Run payroll.
  2. Select the applicable pay period to review hours in.
  3. Scroll to an employee’s name and review the "Hours" column.
    • Click the total hours column values to reveal a more granular breakdown of regular, overtime, and double overtime hours.
    • If you made a recent update that isn’t reflected, try refreshing your screen.

Any changes made directly in Gusto will not push back to Housecall Pro. 

Housecall Pro will override the data in Gusto for any open pay periods–if there is time in Gusto that isn’t tracked in Housecall Pro, the excess hours will be removed so the total amount of hours for an employee matches the hours in Housecall Pro. 

Troubleshoot issues

Need more help?

Check out the Housecall Pro Help Center or contact them directly at [email protected].