Integrate with SINC

SINC bridges the gap between construction worksites and the office, providing a user-friendly mobile platform for staff to communicate key data on site and in real time. Features include timekeeping, staff scheduling, job costing, project management, and more. 

Gusto integrates with SINC to pull your time tracking information from SINC to Gusto.

Customers who join Gusto from SINC will receive Gusto free for their first 3 months.

Connect to Gusto from SINC

  1. Sign in to SINC.
  2. In the top-left corner, click the menu icon.
  3. Click Payroll.
  4. If you’re already a Gusto user, click Login to Gusto. If you’re not a Gusto user, click Create a Gusto Account to get started. 
    • If you clicked Create a Gusto account: you’ll be asked to get started using the email address SINC pushed over, or a Google account. Once selected, check your inbox for an email from Gusto walking you through the next steps to onboard.
  5. Enter your Gusto admin credentials and click Sign In.
  6. Select which company(ies) you’d like to connect to SINC and click Authorize.
    • You’ll be redirected back to SINC. Check for the “Staff Setup” tab to confirm the connection was a success.
  7. Match each employee in SINC (left side) with the corresponding person in Gusto (right side).
    • Some employees may already be matched based on name and email. 
    • Click Invite for any employees that existed in Gusto but do not yet have a SINC account.
  8. If an employee has multiple jobs, you’ll also be asked to select the “Job” that hours synced from SINC should correlate to. 

An employee sync will run automatically each day at 12am PST. Click on the icon near the "Last Sync" label in the top right to manually pull the latest Gusto details if needed. 

Export timesheets from SINC to Gusto

  1. From the Payroll integration page in SINC, click Go To Submit Timesheets, or click the Submit Timesheets tab at the top of the screen.
  2. Select the Gusto pay period from the dropdown.
  3. Select one employee or select all employees for whom you’d like to push timesheet info to Gusto for. 
  4. Review the shifts for all.
    • If there’s an incomplete shift, click the entry to force clock it out.
    • If overtime is enabled, then those calculations will be pushed when submitting timesheets. If not, only regular hours will push to Gusto.
  5. Click Submit Timesheets.
    • Important: Once you’ve submitted a timesheet for an employee for a pay period, you cannot go back and edit hours in SINC and resubmit the timesheet. Any edits required must then be made in Gusto directly.

To view the submitted timesheets, go to the Payroll section and select Payroll history of your Gusto account and review the “Hours” column for the applicable pay period.

Troubleshoot syncing issues

Review the error messages below to get help.

Disable the integration

Disabling the integration is irreversible. 

  1. From the Gusto integration page, click the Gusto Settings tab.
  2. Select to Delete Gusto session and unauthenticate.
  3. Click Unauthenticate Gusto
  4. Click Yes.

Still need help? 

Check out SINC’s Help Center, their FAQ list, or contact them directly: