Verify your employment with Truework

Truework is an employment and income verification service provider for lenders, landlords, and background check companies.

Truework helps HR teams increase efficiency and productivity by automating inbound employee verifications on behalf of the employer. This automated process allows employees to safely and securely share their employment data with verifiers to accelerate important transactions like buying a home.

How it works

When an employee applies for a loan, job or an apartment, a verifier (such as a bank or landlord) submits a request for employment and/or income information. Without a service like Truework, the employer needs to manually process every request on behalf of their employees.

When a verification request is submitted to Truework by a lender, property manager or other party, here's what happens:

  1. Truework first confirms that the verifying party is legitimate and has provided the proper authorization.
  2. Each verification is given a risk score based on the reputation of the individual verifier, the classification of the verifying institution, as well as IP address and other signs of potential fraud.
  3. Next steps vary by request:
    • For verification requests with low to zero risk, the verification is automatically processed by Truework to ensure no delays for the employee.
    • For verification requests with elevated risk, the employee will receive an email from Gusto asking for additional authorization before the verification is processed.

Non-instant verification request

In the event that a verification cannot be completed instantly, the employee will be required to consent and authorize the verification process.

After you connect your Gusto account to Truework (during an initial request), Truework will notify you of verification requests by email.

Review, approve, deny, or report errors on the verification request 

  1. Open the email from Truework with this subject line: "[Action Required] Approval needed to share your information with [Lender/Verifier Name]".
  2. Click Review Request in the email to review the verification report in Truework.
  3. Click Approve or Deny at the top of the report.
    • Click Report Errors to dispute any information that looks incorrect.
      • You should receive an email from Gusto within a week about the errors reported.

Once you approve the request for information, Truework provides the verifier with your employment and income information.

Disconnect and unauthorize Truework

To disconnect Truework from your Gusto account, contact Truework directly at [email protected].


How should my employer respond if they receive an employee verification request from a verifier?

Your employer can tell the verifier to go to and click Start a verification. Once the verifier requests the verification in Truework, Truework will automatically start the employment verification process. You (the employee) may get an email asking you to approve or deny the request.

Is information shared through Truework secure?

Visit for more information on Truework's security measures.

Still need help?

Contact Truework at [email protected] or (833) 878-3967.