Brokers: Complete member-level enrollment tasks

When an employee is hired, dismissed, or submits a qualifying life event, brokers are notified via email once there are new member-level enrollment or termination tasks to complete.

Follow the steps below to view open tasks and download pre-filled enrollment forms to send to the insurance carriers. Once you mark a task as complete, the employee’s payroll deductions are updated on the next payroll run to reflect their enrollment change.

  1. Sign in to your client’s Gusto admin account. 
  2. Head to the Benefits section.
  3. If any member-level events require your attention, a yellow tile called “New employee benefits tasks” appears at the top of the Benefits page. Click View details.
  4. Choose a task to work on and click Start.  
  5. Review the task details and click Download enrollment form if a form is required. Gusto fills out as much of the enrollment form as possible, but we recommend reviewing it for accuracy before submitting it to the carriers.
    • If it’s for a qualifying life event, also click Download proof of qualifying life event. Make sure the proof includes the date of the event and the affected member’s name—if not, contact the employee directly to request more documentation. Here’s a list of common QLEs and the kind of proof most carriers accept. 
  6. Submit the change to the carrier. You’ll want to follow up with the carrier until they confirm the change is processed. 
  7. Once you click Mark complete, the employee’s payroll deductions are updated on the next payroll run.
    • If the task is completed after the enrollment effective date, we’ll apply catch-up deductions.

You can view all completed tasks in the Completed tab.