Enrolling a domestic partner

If you want to add a significant other and/or their eligible dependents to your health insurance plan, make sure they meet your carrier’s definition of a domestic partner. 

The insurance carriers typically define eligible domestic partners as those who:

If the insurance carrier wants to verify eligibility for these benefits, you and your domestic partner may need to provide: affidavits attesting to your relationship, a domestic-partner registration under state or local law (if permitted where you live), and/or proof of financial interdependence. We’ll let you know if your carrier requests this. 

Should you misrepresent domestic partnership to an insurance carrier, the carrier reserves the right to terminate the partner retroactively as never covered at any time.

For more information or if you’re not sure whether your partner is eligible to be enrolled, contact your carrier directly.

Newly established or terminated domestic partnership can count as a qualifying life event. If your company offers benefits through Gusto (including the broker integration), you can change your benefits with these steps.