Gusto employee IDs

Gusto assigns each employee a unique identifier called the "Gusto employee ID." This is a 6-character alphanumeric ID (e.g. 5G9934) that is securely generated and randomly assigned. The ID enables a better distinction of employees for accurate payments and record keeping.

Most of the time, the ID will be a combination of letters and numbers. Some IDs may be all letters or all numbers.

The Gusto employee ID can be found in a few places in your account—under the Personal tab of an employee’s profile, and as an optional field in the CSV template on step 1 while running payroll. Learn more about how CSV uploads work. 

At this time, Gusto employee IDs are not customizable and cannot be disabled.

Use the Employee report builder for a report of all employee IDs.

Find an employee’s Gusto ID

  1. Head to the People section and select Team Members.
  2. Select the name of an employee.
  3. Go to the Personal tab.
  4. Under the "Basics" section, you'll find their Gusto employee ID.

Upload a CSV with "Gusto employee ID" while running payroll

  1. Click the Payroll sections and select Run payroll.
  2. Select the payroll you’d like to run.
  3. On step 1, select Upload CSV, then click Download CSV template to use the updated template.
    • In your downloaded template, you'll find that each employee has a Gusto employee ID pre-populated (this is currently an optional field).
  4. Edit your payroll data on the CSV, but do not change the Gusto employee ID column.
  5. Click Select File and upload your CSV.
  6. Continue processing payroll as normal.