Integrate with Flatly

Flatly is a software-as-a-service that lets you automatically extract, transform and load your business data into spreadsheet files (known as flat files or flat file databases).

With the Gusto and Flatly integration, you can automatically sync and flatten Gusto data—including contractors, employees, applicants, and pay schedules. 

Connect to Gusto from Flatly

  1. Sign in to Flatly.
  2. Click Select Data Source.
  3. Choose Gusto.
  4. In the “Select Data Destination” tile, choose where you want Flatly to send your Gusto data. 
  5. Click Authorize
  6. Enter your company name: 
    • If you only have admin access to one Gusto company: you can leave this blank. Flatly will connect to the company associated with your Gusto admin credentials.
    • If you have admin access to more than one Gusto company: type the name of the company you want to connect exactly as it’s listed in Gusto. If you want to connect Flatly to additional Gusto companies, you’ll need a separate Flatly account for each. 
  7. Click Submit
  8. Enter your Gusto admin credentials and click Sign In.
  9. Click Authorize.
  10. In the “Data Destination” tile, click Authorize

Once your accounts are connected, the tiles beneath Gusto and your data destination list the connection status as “Authorized.” Follow the steps below to start flattening Gusto data with on-demand or recurring syncs.

Sync Gusto data to Flatly 

Once you’ve connected Gusto and a data destination to Flatly, you can import and flatten Gusto data. You can run a one-time sync anytime, or you can set up automatically recurring syncs.

  1. Sign in to Flatly.
  2. In the “Select Data to Flatten” tile, choose what category of data you want Flatly to import from Gusto and flatten. 
  3. If desired, enter a file name for the Gusto data.
  4. If you want to customize the file format, email notifications, sync frequency, and more, click the toggle to choose Advanced Settings
  5. If you click the PreRoll Check toggle, you can see an estimated wait time and confirm that your data destination site is running. 
  6. Sync the data from Gusto to Flatly. If you’re setting up a recurring sync, Flatly recommends that you click Flatten Once, review the file to make sure it synced properly, then return to Flatly and choose Flatten Daily
    • Flatten Once runs a one-time sync that you can manually repeat anytime you like.
    • Flatten Daily (or hourly, weekly, etc.) establishes a recurring sync based on the frequency you selected in Advanced Settings. Your available frequency depends on your Flatly plan.

Once the sync is complete, you can find the file in your data destination. This file updates each time a sync is run for the chosen data category, whether it’s a manual sync or an automatically recurring sync. 

If your Flatly plan includes the ability to run additional jobs, you can flatten more types of data. In Flatly, click the dropdown at the top of the page to start flattening other categories of Gusto data.

Troubleshoot syncing issues

If a data sync fails for any reason, you’ll receive an email from Flatly with details. This may be because your login credentials have changed and you need to re-enter them in Flatly. 

Follow these steps to check the integration status in Flatly and reauthorize the connection:

  1. Sign in to Flatly.
  2. Your home page lists the connection status for both Gusto and your data destination. If either has been disconnected, click Authorize.
  3. Enter your admin credentials and click Sign In

Once you re-authorize the connection, the connection status on your Flatly home page updates to “Authorized.” Your job settings have been preserved but you’ll need to restart your jobs by clicking Flatten Daily for each job.

Disconnect the integration 

If you no longer want Flatly to have access to your Gusto data, follow the steps below to disconnect your accounts. 

  1. Sign in to Flatly.
  2. Under the Gusto tile, click Disconnect [Company Name].

Data will no longer sync from Gusto to Flatly. You can reconnect the integration anytime from Flatly. 

Still need help? 

Contact Flatly directly at [email protected].