People Analytics overview

People Analytics is a suite of tools that enables you as an accountant to advise clients on their most important investment: their people. With real-time client insights and compensation benchmarks powered by Gusto’s payroll data, People Analytics empowers you to advise clients on sustainably growing and retaining their teams. 

Learn more about each tool available by clicking the drop-downs below.

Compensation benchmarking

Compensation benchmarking enables you to advise clients on competitive employee compensation rates using aggregated Gusto payroll data. You can filter aggregated compensation data based on job title, seniority level, labor market, industry, and company size. Search results include data aggregations across a range of percentiles to enable you to discuss compensation recommendations with your clients.

Compensation tool pro-tips:

  • “Labor market” is our filter for location. If you’re unsure of which labor market to pick, reference the labor market guide linked in the compensation tool. 
  • “Curated” jobs vs “All other jobs:” Curated jobs were manually vetted by our team. All other jobs come directly from customer inputs. If you’re unable to find job titles of interest in “curated” jobs, we suggest looking in “all other jobs.”
  • “No exact match found:” If you see this notification, try removing some filters, adding additional job titles, or adding additional industries.
Payroll estimator

Payroll Estimator is a tool you can use to understand how much it will cost your client to hire a new employee. We use your client’s information in Gusto and QuickBooks Online for supporting data, when available. You'll be able to see the estimated cost of the new employee, estimated total cost of payroll with the new employee, and estimated payroll to revenue ratio with the new employee. You can also add additional revenue the new hire is projected to generate. 

  1. Sign in to your Gusto accountant profile. 
  2. Click the People analytics section and select Payroll estimator.
  3. Fill out the required fields.
  4. Click Calculate.