Integrate with Online Check Writer

Online Check Writer allows you to pay and get paid by online checks without a transaction fee. Services include:

Gusto integrates with Online Check Writer to help streamline the payment process by importing your payroll checks from Gusto to Online Check Writer.

Customers who join Gusto from Checkwriter will receive Gusto payroll free for their first 3 months.

Connect to Gusto from Online Check Writer

  1. Sign in to your Online Checkwriter account.
  2. Go to the Third Party Integration page.
  3. Click Gusto
  4. If you already have a Gusto account, click Connect. If you’re new to Gusto, click Create Companies.
    • If you chose to create a company: enter some basic information, choose the email you’ll use to access Gusto, then check that email for the next steps required to complete the onboarding. Once onboarding is complete, proceed to the next step.
  5. If you’re not already signed in, enter your Gusto sign-in credentials and click Sign In.
  6. Click Authorize.

You’ll be taken back to Online Check Writer where you can confirm the connection status.

Sync information from Gusto to Checkwriter

Once you’re connected, you can import payroll data to your Online Check Writer account. There are two options, a manual sync and an auto-sync.

Manually sync and create checks

From the Gusto integration page, you’ll see a list of companies you can manage. For each company, you can choose to view, import and activate auto run (described below), or get payroll manually.

To manually sync:

  1. Next to the company name, click Get Payroll.
    • Click View to review the payroll’s details before importing if needed.
  2. Above the table headers on the right, you can toggle to Import All, Import Check, or Import Direct Deposit.
    • Import all: all employee data will be imported.
    • Import check: only the employees’ data who were paid by check will be imported.
    • Import direct deposit: only the employees’ data who were paid by direct deposit will be imported.

To create checks (after payroll information has been imported):

  1. Click View next to the company name.
  2. Click the Payroll button.
  3. Click Create check.
  4. Click Ok.

Go to the Check List tab to confirm the checks were created for the payroll. At this time, all employees paid by check will have checks created, you cannot create checks for only a specific individual or individuals.

Automatically sync information–checks still need to be created manually 

From the Gusto integration page, click the Import and Activate Auto Run button to schedule recurring and automatic payroll imports. For companies on auto run, any new payrolls run will sync daily at 12 am; all information, both check and direct deposit payments, will sync.

Reminder: Checks will be automatically created, but you’ll still need to print the checks manually.

Still need help? 

Check out Online Checkwriters’ Help Center or contact them directly at [email protected].