Integrate with automates R&D Tax Credits for early-stage startups by providing an easy, self-serve tool to file your R&D Tax Credit in 10 minutes and save your company up to 10% on payroll. 

With the Gusto and integration, your team’s payroll and tax info syncs to to get you started on calculating and filing your tax credit. 

Info that syncs from Gusto to

Connect to Gusto from 

  1. Sign in to your account.
  2. Select the Link Accounts tile.
  3. Click Link Accounts.
  4. Under “Payroll,” select Gusto.
  5. Click That’s All of Them! 
  6. Click Sign-in to Gusto Online.
  7. Enter your Gusto credentials.
  8. Select the company you’d like to authorize and click Authorize.
  9. Click Choose an account to indicate which company you’d like to select the tax credit for.
  10. Click Link This Account.

With your Gusto account linked, now has all your employees’ payroll and tax data for the previous calendar year. Return to your dashboard and complete the “Verify Eligibility,” “Identify Qualified Work,” and “Add Expenses” steps to finish calculating your tax credit. 

Update info from Gusto

The data only syncs once from Gusto. If you need to update any info from Gusto, first disconnect the integration by emailing [email protected]. Then reconnect from the Link Accounts tile in your dashboard

Still need help? 

For questions or to remove authorization, contact directly at [email protected].