Gusto Time Kiosk for time tracking

Important: This feature is in beta and is not yet available for all customers. 

With Gusto's Time Kiosk feature, admins with the required permissions can turn any company device that's connected to the internet into a central station for your employees to clock in and out. This feature is included in the Plus and Premium plans—you can upgrade at any time.

How it works

Once your company device has been set up as a kiosk, employees can clock in and out to track time and take breaks (unpaid only). Hours logged from the kiosk will appear in their normal timesheets, tagged with the name of the kiosk they logged it from.

Employees will be required to set up and use a personal 4-digit PIN to verify their identity before clocking in and out. 

Note: Gusto Kiosk does not currently offer any functionality for contractors, employers, or admins.