Manage your team's expenses (for managers)

If the Expenses feature has been enabled by an admin, and they’ve given you the permission to approve and edit expenses for your direct reports, you can manage their expense submissions.

View and manage your direct reports’ expense submissions

  1. Sign in to your employee profile.
  2. Head to the Expenses section. 
    • If your direct report submitted an expense that needs review, it’ll also appear on your Dashboard for quick access.
  3. Toggle to the Team expenses tab. 
  4. To view an expense, click “Description” it was given.
  5. Click the three-dot menu in the “Actions” column to:
    • Edit
    • Approve
    • Reject
    • Delete
    • Add receipt (if one is not already attached)
  6. If you’d like to take an action in bulk (like approving multiple expenses at once), click the checkboxes next to each applicable name, and then click the Actions button to select a bulk action.