Get renters and pet insurance with Lemonade

Gusto and Lemonade have partnered to offer our members access to Lemonade's digital Renters and Pet insurance services.1 Lemonade takes a flat fee and treats the rest of the money as yours by using it to pay claims and giving what’s left to charities you choose, so you and Lemonade never fight over the same coin.

1. Disclaimer: Gusto is a facilitator in the partnership with Lemonade Insurance Company. While Gusto is a licensed entity, it does not serve as an insurance broker or carrier in this arrangement. Please note that Gusto may receive a commission for policies purchased through Lemonade Insurance Company. This applies to situations where Gusto provides leads resulting in policy purchases. Additionally, Gusto may receive a fee for referrals even when these are not tied to the sale of insurance.