Automated employment and income verification

When your employees apply for loans, credit, or public aid, they may be required to provide proof of employment and income. In the past, employers often had to manually provide employee info to these lenders, creditors, or government agencies so they could seek approval. 

Gusto partners with The Work Number® to automate employment and income verifications—saving you time from manually pulling employee information and sending it to their lenders, creditors, or government agencies. For your employees, faster verifications can mean faster access to the things they need.

This benefit is included in your Gusto subscription and there are no additional fees. 

How it works

When your employee applies for something that requires employment and/or income verification, such as car loans, new credit cards, or government assistance, The Work Number will automate the verification process using Gusto payroll data so there’s no action needed from you. 

Automated verification is available 24/7, can help improve opportunities for employees, and can help reduce the risk of manual errors when responding to these requests. 

Full access admins can choose to opt out of this benefit at any time through the Settings tab.

Data privacy and security

How The Work Number protects data privacy and security

Credentialed verifiers must obtain consent from your employees to request, access, and use employment and income information from The Work Number when they apply for a loan, lease, credit, or government benefit. Data can only be accessed by credentialed verifiers with auditable and permissible purposes as governed by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). The Work Number is governed by the FCRA and uses the latest security controls and certifications to keep data safe for more than 3 million employers of all sizes and industries. 

Who can request employment and income information

Only credentialed verifiers such as lenders, creditors, or government agencies can request employment and income information from The Work Number. The information provided generally can be proof of employment and/or income, such as salary or wage information, depending on the request.