Add dental, vision, life, or disability insurance

If you already offer medical insurance with Gusto as your broker and want to add dental, vision, life, or disability insurance before your next renewal, you can see options and add plans right from your admin account.

You can add new lines of coverage at any time, except within 3 months of your medical plans’ renewal. If your medical plans renew within the next 3 months, you can add new coverage during renewal. 

You can add a 401(k), commuter benefits, or external payroll deductions at any time.

If you use the broker integration, reach out to your broker to add plans. 

See quotes and add plans

Follow the steps below to see available plans and pricing for new dental, vision, life, or disability benefits.

Coverage for a new plan will begin on the first of a month, 2–3 months after you submit your company application in Gusto. The earliest available start date is provided when you review quotes in Gusto. 

  1. Sign in to your Gusto admin account.
  2. Go to the Benefits section.
  3. Scroll to “All benefits” and click Additional Health Benefits.
  4. Click Let’s get started.
  5. You’ll be shown each available line of coverage. Find the type of plan you’d like to offer and click Add Plan.
  6. Review the plan options and premiums.
    • Waiting period: Make sure this matches the waiting period for your medical benefits.  To find your company’s waiting period for medical benefits, go to your Benefits section and click Medical
    • Company contribution: To adjust this, click edit under "Your company information." Life and disability plans are non-voluntary, which means the company covers 100% of the premiums and all eligible employees are enrolled.
    • Cost to company: This is the average monthly cost to the company per eligible employee.
    • Click View full details to review the Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC) for each plan. Check out our guide to reading an SBC.
  7. Once you decide on a plan, click Add this plan.
  8. Click Save & continue.
  9. Repeat for any other available lines of coverage you’d like to add.
  10. Once you select your plan offerings, click Sign Forms.
  11. Click Sign Form beside each document listed. You can review your plans on the next page before submitting.
  12. Click Continue
  13. Review the plan selections, coverage start date, and the employees who will be eligible to enroll. 
    • To request a later start date, contact us through the Support section of your account.
  14. Click Confirm & Submit.

After we review your application, we’ll email your company’s benefits admins with the dates for open enrollment. Keep an eye on your email as the insurance carriers may request more information to process your application.

Your benefits-eligible team members will receive an email when it’s time to choose plans in Gusto

You can track the status of your application and employee enrollment in the Benefits section of your Gusto admin account.