Run payroll with Smart Import

Speed up the payroll process and improve accuracy using Smart Importupload a spreadsheet or CSV file, and we'll import your employee's hours for you. There's no need to reformat your spreadsheet—we’ll automatically match all your columns and rows to the payroll.

Smart Import can be used on:

For contractor payments, use Gusto’s CSV template to upload pay information. 

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Run payroll with Smart Import

If you already use software to track your employees’ hours—like a spreadsheet or time-tracking software—upload a file and run employee payroll faster with better accuracy. 

  1. Go to the Pay section and select Run payroll.
  2. Choose a payroll to run.
  3. Scroll to the employee-table, and above the “Actions” column, click Smart Import
  4. Click Upload, or drop your file into the box—upload the information in its original format, Smart Import can handle all sorts of file types*.
  5. Once you've uploaded a file, Click Upload and continue
  6. Review the information—once imported, it will replace any existing entries for the same payroll.
  7. Click Import.
  8. If everything looks good, continue with any next steps and submit the payroll. 

*Supported file types: .csv, .xls, .xlxs, .123, .dbf, .dif, .et, .fods, .html, .numbers, .ods, .qpw, .slk, .sylk, .txt, .uos1, .uos2, .wb1, .wb2, .wb3, .wk1, .wk2, .wk3, .wk4, .wks, .wq1, .wq2, .xlr, .xml.

Some reminders—zeros and blank values

  • Zeros override previously entered information—if your spreadsheet has any, the zeros will replace any existing info.
  • Blank values have no impact on previously entered information.
Pay US contractors by uploading a CSV file

Quickly upload US contractor payment information using Gusto's CSV template.

  1. Go to the Pay section and select Pay contractors.
  2. Click Create payment
  3. Above the “Total amount” column, click + Upload CSV
  4. Click Download CSV template, or create your own file.
    • Learn more about the required and optional fields, or how to create your own CSV file below. 
  5. Once the CSV is ready, click Upload, or drop your file into the box.

You're all set to review and submit the payments.