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Account & routing numbers for Cash Accounts

If you need to find your Gusto Cash Account routing and account numbers in order to receive a non-Gusto payment, follow the steps below. 

  1. Navigate to the Wallet section of your Gusto account.
  2. Select the applicable Cash Account–either spending account or savings goal.
  3. Select Account details.
  4. Click Show to reveal the Account & Routing numbers.

Gusto Cash Accounts support inbound electronic fund transfers and ACH deposits such as direct deposit payments and income tax refunds (IRS & state). Gusto Cash Accounts do not currently support inbound or outbound wire transfers. 

All Cash Accounts, including spending accounts and savings goals, are checking accounts issued by nbkc bank, Member FDIC.

*The Gusto Cash Account, savings goals, spending account, and debit card program is issued by nbkc bank, Member FDIC.

*Gusto is a payroll services company, not a bank. Banking services provided by nbkc bank, Member FDIC.

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