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Renew health benefits

Renewing your benefits can take up to 90 days—check out this timeline to learn more about the months to come. 

Before you start, here are some FAQs to consider: 

  • Why can't I choose my old plan? Your current plans might be changing. If you're ok with the changes, you can renew with this default plan. If you aren't, you can explore other options.
  • How do I know which plans are the best? Medical plans have categories that indicate the quality of their coverage. They start at the bottom with bronze, silver, gold, and platinum being the “richest” plan type. The higher the quality, the more expensive the plan. 
  • How many plans can I offer? Carriers have different rules about the amount of plans you can offer—we recommend limiting it to 4 plans to make enrollment easier on your team. 
  • What types of plans can I offer? You can offer medical, dental, vision, basic life and disability, HSAs, FSAs, DCFSAs, and commuter benefits.

When you start renewing your benefits, there are three main steps for each type of coverage (medical, dental, vision, etc): 

  • Review what’s changing about your current plans
  • Choose your renewing plan, or pick a new on 
  • Change your waiting period and contribution scheme

Step 1: Review what’s changing

Premium prices usually increase each year, but sometimes carriers will change plan details too. 

Cost summary

We’ll show you how much the cost of your current plan is changing and we’ll use your current enrollment info (which employees are enrolled) to give you an estimated cost. That will change if your team makes other health insurance choices and/or dependent changes. 

Plan summary

In this section you’ll see a list of the current plans you offer within that line of coverage (health, vision, dental, etc). Use the link below each plan to read the Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC)—that’s the fine print that tells you what, if anything, is changing. To compare, use the info icon to take a look at the SBC for the retiring plan, and the new plan. Here's an example:

If you’re ok with the changes and you want to offer the same plan options, click Keep default plans. If you want to look at other options, click Explore alternate packages—you can return to your default plan after you’ve explored other options if you want to keep it. 

Step 2: Explore different plan options

On this screen you’ll find: 

  • Other plans to choose from
  • The plan(s) you have right now
  • The plan(s) you have right now + carrier changes (what will happen if you don’t choose a new plan)

Our team of licensed advisors will provide some notes above each plan to help you decide. You can also click on the link below each plan to review the SBC. Just like on the previous screen, we’ll give you a cost summary based on how your team is currently enrolled—but that’s an estimate and costs will vary depending on how your team chooses to enroll. 

If you need a refresher to compare against your current plans, scroll to the bottom of the page to take a look at those details. The “expiring package” is there for reference, but you can’t choose it because it isn’t offered next year. The “default renewal package” is the current plan you have with the carrier’s upcoming changes—use that to compare the differences. 

Once you’ve chosen your plan, click Save selection. 

Step 3: Update benefits package details

The last step is to make updates to your waiting period and contribution scheme—or you can leave them as-is. We’ll give you more cost estimates (including how much your team might pay) based on contribution changes. 

When you’re finished making changes, click Save. If you want to go back, click Back to package selection.  

Finishing your renewal

Complete these steps for each line of coverage, or click Add plan if you want to add a new line of coverage you didn’t offer last year. Once your package is complete, click Sign forms. Once you’ve signed, click Continue. 

We’ll provide one last summary page to review. Take a final glance to make sure you’re happy with next year’s benefits package and click Confirm and submit. 


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