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Apply for health benefits

If you already offer benefits through another broker and you’d like Gusto to automate your payroll deductions and manage your team's enrollments, click here to transfer your broker of record.

Follow these steps if you want to start offering your team medical, dental, vision, short-term disability, long-term disability, or life insurance through Gusto. You can also offer tax-advantaged accounts like a Health Savings Account, Flexible Spending Account, Dependent Care Account, and Commuter benefits. You must offer medical coverage through Gusto in order to add ancillary benefits (dental, vision, life, disability, and tax-advantaged accounts).

As your insurance broker, Gusto will help you build a benefits package, run open enrollment for your team every year, automate your payroll deductions, and manage your team's benefit enrollments and terminations.  Head to our benefits overview to learn more about managing your team's benefits in Gusto.

Step 1: Get quotes

  1. Sign in to your admin account.
  2. Go to the Benefits section. 
  3. Click View Quotes on the Health Benefits tile (or whichever line of coverage you're adding). 
    • You must offer medical benefits in order to offer any other lines of coverage. 
  4. Click No — we want to offer new benefits, then click Next.
    • If you already offer benefits, click Yes — we currently offer this benefit and you’ll be able to integrate them with Gusto on the following page. 
  5. Click See Price Quotes.

Step 2: Tell us about your team

  1. Decide whether you're offering benefits to all full time employees, or to all full time and part time employees. 
    • The ACA defines a full time employee as anyone working 30+ hours/week.
    • If you want to offer benefits to all part time employees, click edit next to "Employees eligible for benefits."
  2. Under "Employment status," verify each employee's status. 
  3. If there are owners or officers in your company who aren’t on payroll, click Add an owner. 
  4. Click Save & Continue. 

Step 3: Build your benefits package

After you choose medical plans, you can view quotes for dental, vision, life, and disability coverage, as well as a Health Savings Account, Flexible Spending Account, and Commuter benefits

  1. Take a look at the "Coverage start date." This is the earliest start date available per the insurance carriers' application deadlines.
  2. On the Medical tile, click See Plans.
  3. Click Start Choosing Plans.
  4. Choose your company contribution and click edit to change it.
  5. Select your preferred metal tier. On the next page we'll recommend options in this tier from different carriers.
    • Here's a guide to understanding the differences between the metal tiers.
  6. Click Next: Choose a Base Plan. 
  7. Review the plan options and premiums to choose your base plan. 
    • To adjust the company contribution, click edit under "Your company information." 
    • To help you predict costs, under "Eligible employees" you can add the number of eligible employees, business owners, and dependents that your team might have.
    • Click View full details to review the Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC) of each plan. Check out our guide to reading an SBC.
  8. When you’ve found a base plan you like, click Choose this plan. 
  9. Click Save & Choose More Plans.
  10. Decide if you want to offer more metal tiers to your team. Click Remove plan or Add this plan to make changes.
    • Having a base plan means your company costs will stay the same regardless of which plans your employees enroll in. For example: you chose the Silver tier for your base plan and set the company contribution as 75%. If an employee enrolls in the higher-cost Gold plan, the company will only pay 75% of what their Silver premium would be, and the employee will pay the difference. If an employee enrolls in a Bronze plan, the company contribution of 75% of their Silver premium will go further toward the lower-cost Bronze premium. 
  11. Click Save & Continue.
    • On the next page, scroll to Download employee cost breakdown for a PDF with employee and company costs for each plan you chose. 
  12. To see quotes for other benefits, click Add Plan on the coverage you're interested in.
  13. When you're finished selecting plans, click Save & continue.

Step 4: Add company info

  1. Select the waiting period for new hires. 
    • The drop-down includes every option that your carrier offers.
  2. Choose if you want to waive the waiting period for this open enrollment period.
    • Selecting "Yes" means that if there are any recent hires, they can enroll in the new coverage at the same time as the rest of your team. 
  3. Indicate if you have worker’s compensation insurance. If you don’t, click here to start one. 
  4. Identify whether your company files taxes as an S-Corporation. 
    • If yes, select if you want to enable 100% company contributions for the premiums of 2%+ shareholders and their dependents. This setting's available because there are tax implications for S-Corp shareholders' benefit premiums. Contact your accountant for advice. 
  5. Let us know the status of your company under your state’s Secretary of State.
  6. Click Save & Continue. 

Step 5: Review and sign forms

  1. Review your entire benefits package to make sure you’ve selected the right offering for your team.
  2. Click Submit Your Application. Once you submit the application, you will not be able to change your selections. 
  3. Click Sign Form beside each document listed.
  4. Click Submit Documents.

Our team will review your application and then reach out to you with next steps. You’ll be partnered with a specialist to help your team through open enrollment and take care of all the paperwork behind the scenes. Keep an eye on your email as the insurance carriers may request additional info to process your application. 

Note: There's no guarantee the insurance carriers will approve your application, but we’ll keep you posted throughout the process.

Resubmit documents

If the carriers request more info, we'll email you and you’ll also see a red alert in the Benefits section of your account. Click View documents to see what’s needed.

Upload or resubmit required documents

  1. Click Upload document.
  2. Click Select File to upload the document, or drag and drop your file.
    1. You can upload a .jpeg, .jpg, or .png up to a maximum file size of 20 MB.
  3. Click Upload.

Document upload status definitions

  • Requested: we’re waiting on you to upload the document.
  • Pending review: we’re taking a look to make sure the document meets the carrier’s requirements.
  • Accepted: the document is good to go.
  • Rejected: the document doesn’t meet the carrier’s requirements. Take a look at the notes and re-submit. 

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