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Enroll in your Dependent Care FSA

If your employer is offering a Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account (FSA) to you, you may enroll in that plan from your Gusto account. Follow the steps below to enroll or waive coverage:

  1. Sign into your Gusto account.
  2. From your dashboard click on the sticky that says Choose your benefits.
  3. Click Get Started to begin the enrollment process.
  4. Part 1: Who’s covered.
    • Add any dependents you want on the plan here.
  5. Part 2: Choose Benefits.Next to Dependent Care FSA select Enroll or Waive.
    • If you would like to enroll in the Dependent Care FSA, choose Enroll.
    • Answer all applicable questions, and enter the amount you would like to put towards the Dependent Care FSA for the plan year.
    •  If you would like to waive coverage, choose Waive.
  6. Part 3: Extra Information.
    • If applicable, please answer any questions here and select Save & Continue.
  7. Part 4: Sign forms.
    • If applicable, please e-sign any forms here. Then select Confirm Enrollment to confirm your selections.