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Set up a contractor payments account

While we support contractor payments for our payroll customers, we also offer contractor payments only accounts in certain states. A contractor payments account can be used to pay 1099 contractors without adding W-2 employees.

We support contractor payments accounts in Texas, Massachusetts, and Montana. These accounts include unlimited contractor payments, 4 day ACH direct deposit, 1099-MISCs at the end of the year, contractor self-onboarding, and new hire reporting (if required in your state).

Set up account

If you are in a supported state, you can create your contractor payments account here.

You cannot use Gusto for contractor payments if you are using any other payroll service. When you sign up for contractor payments through Gusto, you will be asked to sign Form 8655, which gives Gusto the authorization to file returns on your behalf. You can only have one Form 8655 active at a given time, so you would not be able to have another payroll company or accountant filing forms for you.

Note: Gusto does not currently support back-up withholding or other contractor withholding required by state agencies.


Your free month begins when you process your first contractor payment. After this, the cost is $6 per contractor per month (in the months they are paid). There is no monthly base fee.

Once you add your first W-2 employee, you will select if you would like to be on our Core, Complete, or Concierge plan.