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Employee or contractor pay question

Ultimately, when you get paid depends on when your employer ran payroll (for employees) or processed your payment (for contractors). Gusto cannot share in-flight payment details with employees or contractors before the pay date–you must reach out to your employer with questions if there is not a paystub already in your Gusto account for the payment in question.

Once you've confirmed with your employer that they've run the payroll/payment through Gusto, use the information below to help troubleshoot missing payments. 

  • If you're an international contractor with payment issues, have your employer reach out to us from the Help section of their Gusto account.

For direct deposits

After your employer submits payroll, we’ll electronically send any payments processed as direct deposit—on payday, you'll get an email from Gusto and your paystub will be available in your account. After the banks receive our electronic payment, they have until 5 pm local to make funds available to you in your bank account.

  • Payment processing speed is unique to each employer—contact your admin directly for questions about your specific check date. Gusto cannot answer questions about in-flight payments until the actual payday (check date). 

For check payments

Your employer is responsible for sending or manually distributing the check to you—check your paystub in Gusto to determine how your employer processed the payment (via direct deposit or check).

Troubleshooting payment issues

If you don't see the money in your account on the pay date and believe there’s a delay with your payment, follow the steps below to troubleshoot:

  1. Make sure you're in the correct account.
  2. Check if your payment method is set to direct deposit
    • If you’re set up for a check payment method, your employer should issue you a check for your net pay (the money won't appear in your bank account if you were set to be paid by check). 
    • Even when direct deposit information is set up in your profile, your employer has the option to process the payment as a check—view your paystub in Gusto to determine if your employer processed the payment as direct deposit or as a check.
  3. Verify that your bank account information is correct.
    • Check your bank account transactions and look for the $0.01 test credit from Gusto.
      • If you don’t see the test credit within 1-2 business days after adding your bank information, your bank information may have been entered incorrectly.
    • If the bank routing or account number is incorrect:
      • [Employees] Update your bank info.
        • If you decide to delete the bank account (rather than update the existing one), you’ll need to add a new bank account and then contact us in order to resend the payment.
      • [Contractors] Update your bank info.
        • If you decide to delete the bank account (rather than update the existing one), you’ll need to add a new bank account and then contact us in order to resend the payment.
    • If you recently changed your bank account, your payment may have been sent to the previous account. 
      • Check your previous bank account’s transaction history to see if funds were deposited there.
        • If you no longer have access to the old account, first contact us to obtain the ACH trace ID for the payment, then contact your bank to have them track down the payment.
  4. Sign in to your bank account or contact the bank directly to check if there are any pending payments (credits) incoming.

Still need help?

Contact your administrator with any questions or issues. 

  • Ask about the expected payment date.
  • Ask them to confirm the payment method (direct deposit or check).
  • Review bank account details.
  • Review payment details (as needed).

If your employer is unable to help, they can contact us from the Help section of their admin account—our team is able to provide more explicit details about in-flight payments or any errors to admins.

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