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Employee email notifications

Employees receive automated email notifications from Gusto when certain actions occur in Gusto—employee email notifications can not be customized or turned off.

Email notifications are sent when:

  • Their email address is added for Gusto access (when hired).
  • Their email or password is updated.
  • They're paid through direct deposit on a regular payroll, off-cycle payroll, or bonus payroll.
  • Their W-2 is available at year-end.
  • They submit paid time off requests with Gusto, they'll receive a notification when the request is approved or denied by a payroll administrator.
  • They have benefits with Gusto: they'll receive confirmation and time-sensitive enrollment notifications regarding the status of their benefits.
  • Using Gusto Time Tracking 

Employees can change their email address (or password) at any time. If they're not receiving emails, ask that they check their spam folder and make sure their email address is correct in their employee profile under the Job & Pay tab.

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