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Using Google to sign in to your Gusto account

You can sign into your Gusto account with your Google email. You can also download the Gusto app from the GSuite Marketplace so it will be available in your apps tab. Once it is in your apps tab you can sign in with one click! 

Link your Google account for the first time 

  1. Visit the sign-in page at
  2. Click Sign in with Google.
  3. Choose the Google account you would like to use.
  4. Enter your password, if prompted.
  5. Enter your Gusto sign-in email and password.
  6. Click sign-in.

Sign in after linking your Google account

  1. Visit the sign-in page at
  2. Click Sign in with Google.
  3. Click the Google email address and password you have linked to your Gusto account.
  4. This will automatically sign you in to your Gusto account.

Remove your Google account 

You can't link multiple Google accounts. If you accidentally linked the wrong account, follow the instructions below to remove your Google account, then add the correct one.

  1. Click on your account profile in the upper right corner of the page.
  2. Select Account Preferences.
  3. Navigate to the Google Sign On section.
  4. Click Unlink Account.

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