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Sign a Birthday Card for a coworker

If you've been invited by an administrator to sign a Birthday Card for a coworker, follow the steps below to customize and send your message.

Sign a Birthday Card

  1. Open the email from Gusto.

  2. Click Sign the card.

  3. Enter your birthday message.

    • Important: Your comment and profile photo will be visible to all others who can access the card. It cannot be edited once submitted.

  4. Click Post.

Your comment will be posted to the card. 


Q: Can I check who else has signed the card?

A: In order to do this, you’ll need to click  the 'sign the card' link from the original email sent to your employee account. Until the delivery date, you can click on this link and view new comments added to the card.

Q: Can I see the card after the delivery date?

A: No. After the card has been delivered it can no longer be viewed or signed by anyone but the recipient.

Q: Will I get a reminder to sign the card if I haven't commented before the delivery date?

A: No.