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Incorrect direct deposit account numbers

After you've entered your account and routing number for direct deposit payments, we'll verify your bank account with a one cent test transaction. If we receive an error, the information may need to be updated and verified. This may take a few days and payments may not go through on payday until the account has been verified.

We'll send you and your payroll administrator an email if we're unable to successfully process the test transaction. If this happens you should update the account or routing number as soon as possible. You and your payroll administrator will receive emails every three business days as a reminder that the bank account details need to be updated.

Gusto accepts alphanumeric routing and account numbers but does not support account numbers with dashes, semicolons, commas, questions marks, etc.

Once updated, we'll automatically resend the payments to the updated direct deposit account in the next few business days. If no action is taken within 12 business days, we'll return the direct deposit payment back to the company's bank account.

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