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Handle ineligible FSA transactions

If you have used your Gusto Benefits Card on a denied or ineligible health FSA expense, we’ll send an email to let you know.

You have two options if you have used your card for a denied or ineligible expense:

  1. Offset the balance with an eligible expense
    • You can pay for an eligible expense out-of-pocket and submit the receipt on your Benefits Card Manager account. Once we receive the receipt, the amount that you paid will go toward your balance. Once the amount has evened out, your card will be reactivated. For example, if you owe $10 and you submit a claim for $15, you’ll be reimbursed $5.
  2. Pay us back
    • If you’d like to pay back the amount of the denied transaction, send us an email at and we’ll give you further instructions.

Note: This is relevant for customers who have their benefits managed by Gusto. If your FSA is managed externally, please reach out to your account administrator for guidance.

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