ACH return codes

Gusto uses the ACH network to transfer funds between employer, employee, and contractor bank accounts. Banks will use ACH return codes to notify Gusto of any problems associated with payroll debits and credits. Please refer to the following list for more information on each ACH return code.

Common return codes

 ACH return code  Description Details
 R01  Insufficient funds There are not enough funds in the account to cover the debit amount.
 R02  Account closed The bank account is closed.
 R03  No account/unable to locate account The routing and account numbers we have do not match up with a valid bank account.
 R04  Invalid account number structure The bank account number does not have the correct amount of digits. 
 R05  Unauthorized debit to consumer account using corporate SEC code  
 R08  Payment stopped  
 R09  Uncollected funds The bank account has some funds, but not enough to cover the full amount of the attempted debit.
 R10  Customer advises not authorized, improper, or ineligible   
 R13  Invalid ACH routing number  The bank account routing number is incorrect.
 R16  Account frozen  
 R20  Non-transaction account  
 R29  Corporate customer advises not authorized  

Other return codes 

ACH return code Description
 R00  Manually cancelled
 R06  Return per ODFI's request
 R07  Authorization revoked by customer
 R11  Check truncation entry return
 R12  Account sold to another DFI
 R14  Representative payee deceased or unable to continue in capacity
 R15  Beneficiary or account holder deceased
 R17  File record edit criteria
 R18  Improper effective entry date
 R19  Amount field error
 R21  Invalid company identification
 R22  Invalid individual ID number
 R23  Credit entry refused by receiver
 R24  Duplicate entry
 R25  Addenda error
 R26  Mandatory field error
 R27  Trace number error
 R28  Routing number check digit error
 R30  RDFI not participant in check truncation program
 R31  Permissible return entry
 R32  RDFI non-settlement
 R33  Return of XCK entry
 R34  Limited participation DFI
 R35  Return of improper debit entry
 R36  Return of improper credit entry
 R37  Source document presented for payment
 R38  Stop payment on source document
 R39  Improper source document/source document presented for payment
 R40  Return of ENR entry by federal government agency
 R41  Invalid transaction code
 R42  Routing number/check digit error 
 R43  Invalid DFI account number 
 R44  Invalid individual ID number 
 R45  Invalid individual name/company name 
 R46  Invalid representative payee indicator 
 R47  Duplicate enrollment 
 R50  State law affecting RCK acceptance 
 R51  Item related to RCK entry is ineligible or RCK entry is improper 
 R52  Stop payment on item related to RCK entry 
 R53  Item and RCK entry presented for payment 
 R61  Misrouted return 
 R67  Duplicate return 
 R68  Untimely return 
 R69  Field error(s) 
 R70  Permissible return entry not accepted/return not requested by ODFI
 R71  Misrouted dishonored return
 R72  Untimely dishonored return
 R73  Timely original return
 R74  Corrected return
 R75  Return not a duplicate
 R76  No errors found
 R80  IAT entry coding error
 R81  Non-participant in IAT program
 R82  Invalid foreign receiving DFI identification
 R83  Foreign receiving DFI unable to settle
 R84  Entry not processed by gateway
 R85  Incorrectly coded outbound international payment

ACH change codes

These codes are only informational. It means there was a slight issue with the attempted credit or debit due to incorrect bank details, but the bank was able to sort out and successfully process the funds. 

 ACH change code Description
 C01  Incorrect DFI account number
 C02  Incorrect routing number 
 C03  Incorrect routing number and incorrect DFI account number 
 C04  Incorrect individual name/receiving company name 


 Savings/checking selection is wrong 
 C06  Incorrect DFI account number and incorrect transaction code 
 C07  Incorrect routing number, incorrect DFI account number, and incorrect transaction code 
 C08  Incorrect receiving DFI identification 
 C09  Incorrect individual identification number 
 C13  Addenda format error 
 C14  Incorrect SEC code for outbound international payment 
 C61  Misrouted notification of change 
 C62  Incorrect trace number
 C63  Incorrect company identification number 
 C64  Incorrect individual identification number 
 C65  Incorrectly formatted corrected data 
 C66  Incorrect discretionary data 
 C67  Routing number not from original entry detail record
 C68  DFI account number not from original entry detail record
 C69  Incorrect transaction code



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