General purpose vs. limited purpose health FSA

A general purpose flexible spending account (FSA) will cover all eligible medical, dental, vision, & pharmacy expenses while a limited purpose FSA (LPFSA) will only cover eligible dental and vision expenses.

You are only eligible for an LPFSA if you have a health savings account (HSA). When you have both types of savings accounts, you can use the HSA on medical expenses and the LPFSA for your dental and vision expenses.

If your health FSA is managed by Gusto, sign into your Gusto account and navigate to the Benefits tab where you will find details about the type of FSA account you have.

Check out this chart for a quick glance at what your FSA will cover:


General purpose FSA

Limited purpose FSA

Eligible medical expenses


Eligible vision expenses

Eligible dental expenses

Eligible pharmacy expenses


Note: Before trying to use your health FSA for your expenses, make sure to confirm which type of FSA you have so that you don’t have any issues with your claims down the line.

For more information about eligible expenses, visit this list from the IRS.


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