FSA transaction documentation

When you need to provide more information for your FSA transaction, make sure your documentation has all the information we need to complete your request.

Note: This is relevant to people who have health FSA and dependent care FSAs managed by Gusto. If your accounts are managed externally, please reach out to your third party administrator for assistance. 

The receipt must include the following information: 

Flexible Spending Account

Dependent Care FSA

Patient’s name

Dependent’s name

Provider’s name

Provider’s name

Date of service

Provider’s address

Description of services received

Provider’s SSN or Tax ID

Cost of service

Date of service


Description of services received


Cost of service

Once you have the information we need, you can send it to us by following these steps:


  1. Sign into your Gusto Benefits Card Manager account.
  2. Navigate to the Benefits Accounts dropdown menu at the top of the dashboard.
  3. Select Transactions.
  4. Locate the pending transaction under “Pending/Processing,” and select +Add Receipt.
  5. You can upload the receipt or drag and drop it directly in the window. Once the receipt is attached, select Submit.


  1. Print the email that we sent to you requesting the missing documentation.
  2. Fax this email along with your documentation to (844) 791-8320.

Note: This is relevant for customers who have their benefits managed by Gusto. If your FSA is managed externally, please reach out to your account administrator for guidance.


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