Upload your employees' hours and earnings to payroll

If you have many employees it can be difficult to enter their hours and wage info manually. Our CSV upload feature allows you to upload your employees' info all at once so you can reduce time spent running your payroll.

  1. Navigate to the Run Payroll tab and begin running a regular payroll.
  2. Click Upload CSV in the upper right corner of the page. 
  3. Click download our template to get a template to fill out.
  4. If you already have your CSV ready to go click Select File, then Upload.
  5. Your employees' info will be filled out and ready to go - just continue processing payroll.

CSV fields

  • First name (mandatory)
  • Last name (mandatory)
  • Title
    • This is only mandatory for employees with multiple pay rates. If uploading your own CSV file, the job titles entered must match the job titles listed in the employee’s Gusto profile and be entered in separate rows.
      • The first pay rate/title listed in Gusto must be titled identically in your CSV and be followed with '(Primary)' in order for the upload to correctly match the hours.
      • If your first pay rate does not have a title in Gusto, you will need to enter 'Primarywithout parenthesis as the title in the CSV.
  • Regular hours
  • Overtime hours
  • Double overtime hours
  • Sick hours
  • Vacation hours
  • Holiday hours
  • Reimbursement
  • Bonus 
  • Commission
  • Paycheck tips
  • Cash tips
  • Correction payment
  • Owner's draw
  • Non taxable third party sick pay
  • Personal note

CSV example 

First name Last name Title Regular Hours Overtime hours Sick hours Vacation hours Reimbursement Paycheck tips Personal note
Jane Doe Barista 40 10 0 0 20 80 Great job!

Important info about the CSV template

The only required columns are First and Last Name. When you download the template your employees' names will be prepopulated. If you create your own template please make sure you have all name fields filled out so the upload is successful. The columns can be in any order, the table above is just an example.

If there is a zero, the zero will be populated in payroll. If you leave a blank nothing will be populated. Please keep this in mind if you are trying to delete a value. You must put a zero to delete a value, a blank field will simply remain as is.

You can upload multiple CSVs as many times as you’d like and the columns can be different each time. For example, you could upload a CSV with everybody's hours, another with sick and vacation time, and a third with reimbursements.

The CSV upload is only available on regular payroll runs.  Multiple pay rates are supported in the CSV upload. 


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