How do I deal with office clutter?

Clutter, mess, hodgepodge, jumble. Whatever you call it we’ve all seen it before, lingering around the edges of the office, under desks and in corners. So how do you deal with it? Here are some tips for making sure your office stays in tip top shape:

  1. Have a clean out day. Designate one day a month to have a cleaning party. Provide dust cloths and cleaning wipes and let your team go to town on their desk space.
  2. Place donation bins in your office. This isn’t just something that needs to be relegated to the holidays. Giving employees a place to donate unwanted items throughout the year keeps your office clean and does good at the same time.
  3. Encourage organization all the time with the right tools. Make sure you have enough shelving, drawers, or closet space to keep the essentials in your office. Anything non-essential or not fitting? Throw it in those donation bins.
  4. Swap desks periodically. This prevents people from getting too dug in at their space and naturally encourages decluttering.


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