How to reverse a regular payroll

NOTE: This feature is currently available for a select Beta group of customers.

Made a mistake with your regular payroll? In some cases you can reverse your payroll so it does not go out incorrectly.

Reversing vs. Cancelling

Payroll processes at 4:30pm PT. You may cancel your payroll before it processes. If it has processed, but it is still before 7:00am PT the day before your pay date, you may be able to reverse the payroll.

How to reverse a regular payroll

  1. Click on the Reports tab.
  2. Navigate to the payroll you want to reverse.
  3. Click on View Details.
  4. A grey box will appear at the top of the page if you are eligible to reverse the payroll yourself.
    • If the box is not available please contact us to reverse any payrolls.
  5. Click Go to Payroll Reversals.
  6. Select the employees you want to reverse.
  7. Click Reverse Selected.

Run an off-cycle payroll

If you need to run your payroll again after you have reversed some employees, you can run an off-cycle payroll.

Note: If you are using an accounting integration you may need to manually reconcile any reversed entries.


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