Use the Gusto Benefits Card Manager (GBCM)

GBCM is the online portal you can use to manage transactions for your FSA, HSA, DCFSA, and commuter benefits. Sign into your GBCM to get started.

Here’s a guide to walk you through your GBCM portal.


When you sign  into your GBCM, the dashboard will display your accounts and your recent transactions. You’ll see icons along the top of your dashboard that you can use to navigate the portal and take care of your tasks.

Click on the individual account to manage the account details like contributions and set up the way you’d like to receive reimbursements. You can also review past transactions and upload proof to substantiate your pending and/or denied claims.


Click the dropdown menu on the icon bar at the top of your dashboard called Claims.

  • Current claims: Click Claims Activity
  • Submit claims: Click Add claim for immediate reimbursement

Card Information

Click the card on the icon bar at the top of your dashboard. You’ll see each card associated with your account. If it’s been misplaced, click Report Lost / Stolen and we’ll send you another card.

Alerts & Messages

You’ll see a notification on the bell when there’s been recent activity on your accounts, like funds received and account statements. If there’s anything that requires your attention, you’ll see a notification by the envelope on the icon bar at the top of your dashboard.

Communication Settings

To manage the types of notifications you receive and the way you’d like to receive them, click the circular gear next to the envelope on the icon bar. You can also update your email address and phone number in this section.

User Name

Click on your name in the icon bar to update your personal information and to add any family members to your account. If you add a spouse, we’ll automatically send you a card. If you’d like to order a card for a dependent other than your spouse, reach out to

Questions & Answers

Q: I forgot the password to my GBCM. What should I do?

A: Reach out to who can provide you with a temporary password.

Q: How do I activate my card?

A: The card will activate after the first time you use it on an eligible expense.

Q: When will employees receive their Gusto Benefits Card Manager cards?

A: 7-10 business days after enrolling.


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