Gusto Commuter Benefits

Commuter benefits help employees pay for qualified commuting expenses—like parking and public transportation—on a pre-tax basis.

If your commuter benefits are managed by Gusto, take a look at the table below to see some examples of how you can use your commuter benefit card.

Transit Account

Parking Accounts


Parking garages


Parking meters


Parking lots


Doesn’t cover: Parking that isn’t part of your daily commute.

Vanpool—Uber Pool, Lyft Line*


Doesn’t cover: Bridge or toll fees


*Only available in select cities.

If your commuter benefits are managed by Gusto, visit your Gusto Benefits Card Manager portal to review transactions, claims, and more.

  • For transit transactions, you must pay using your Gusto Benefits Card.
  • For parking, you can use your Gusto Benefits Card or submit a claim for reimbursement.

Note for employees: Only if a transaction has been denied  on your GBCM card can you submit a manual claim. 

Note for employers: In order to purchase and provide Commuter Benefits through Gusto, you must first have medical insurance managed by Gusto.

Pre-tax Limits

Mass Transit and Parking 2018 2017
Maximum Election $260/month $255/month

Questions & Answers


Q: Will Gusto notify employees about when to enroll?

A: No. You will need to let your employees know they can begin the enrollment by logging into their Gusto account.

Q: When will employees receive their Gusto Benefits Card Manager cards?

A: 7-10 business days after enrolling.

Q: When can employees make changes to their Commuter benefit?

A: First time enrollees - Selections must be made before the 10th of the month. Once enrollment is submitted, changes cannot be made until the benefit becomes active on the first of the following month.

After the benefit is active - Changes can be made at any time but must be submitted before the 20th of the current month for them to take effect the first of the following month. Navigate to the Benefits tab and click on the Commuter Benefits tile to make changes.


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