Request paid time off

Request vacation and sick time directly from your Gusto employee account.

  1. Click the Time Off tab.
  2. Under your Vacation or Sick time off, click Manage Requests.
  3. Click Request Vacation/Sick Time.
  4. Select the day(s) for your requested time-off.
    • If you select a single date, a default amount of 8 hours will be entered. Update this number as needed.
    • If you select multiple days, choose either:
      • Full Days: 8 hours will be submitted for each business day (does not include weekends).
      • Partial Days: A default amount of 8 hours will be entered for each date. Update this number as needed.
  5. Add a note to your employer regarding the request (optional).
  6. Click Send Request.

Your payroll administrators will be notified by email regarding your request. Once the request has been approved or declined, you'll receive an email notification. View the status of your requests in your Gusto account.

Questions and Answers

Q: What types of time off can I request? 
A: You can request paid vacation and sick time off if a policy has been set up through Gusto by your payroll administrator. Salaried employees can request time off for dates in any future or past payrolls.

Q: What are "paid" hours?
A: You can request time off that spans over multiple pay periods. Once a payroll has been run for one of these pay periods, the time off request will show those processed time off hours as paid.



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