Transfer your broker of record

When you transfer your broker of record to Gusto, it notifies your insurance carrier that we'll be managing your company's benefits moving forward.

Before starting, you'll need the following information to complete the transfer. You can find this information on your personal insurance card or on invoices sent by your current carriers.

  • Names of all your current health insurance carriers. Examples include Blue Shield, Anthem, and Aetna. 
  • Policy ID numbers associated with each carrier.
  • Effectives dates of each policy.

Once you have your information, you can set this up in Gusto:

  1. Click the Benefits tab.
  2. Click +Add below Health Benefits if you haven't added any benefits to Gusto yet, or click Learn More if you've already added benefits to Gusto.
  3. Click Manage Benefits with Gusto.
  4. Select which benefits your company offers. Click Save & Continue.
  5. (If applicable) Select your carrier and company policy number for each of your benefits. Click Save & Continue.
  6. (If applicable) Select additional details about your company's health benefits. Click Save & Continue.
  7. (If applicable) Sign forms to designate Gusto as your health insurance broker. Click Save & Continue.

We'll keep you updated on your account's status as we work with your insurance carriers on moving your benefit information. Transferring your benefits to Gusto typically takes 6–8 weeks.

Contact our Benefits Customer Onboarding team if you have any questions along the way at

Questions & Answers

Q: When can I transfer my benefits?
A: You can transfer your benefits to Gusto if your renewal date is 3+ months away. Not enough time? After your renewal, you can transfer your benefits immediately.

Q: Can my employees still use their benefits during the transfer?
A: Yes. Your employees won't experience any changes during this time and can continue using their current benefits.

Q: Who can sign the transfer documents?
A: The person who is on file with the carrier and/or who signed the initial contract.

Q: What happens after the transfer?
A: After the transfer, you and your employees will be able to view and manage benefits directly within Gusto:

Employees Employers
  • View and make changes to their benefits
  • Elect their benefits during the enrollment period
  • View their benefit deductions and employer contributions made in payroll
  • Track and manage company benefits
  • View all active company benefits, employee enrollments, and monthly insurance costs
  • View employee benefit deductions and employee contributions made in payroll (no need to manually enter deductions, it will be done automatically)

To help you understand your plan or answer any other questions on benefits with Gusto, contact our Benefits Care team at or (800) 683-8526.


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