Run payroll late

Payroll needs to be run by 4pm PT 4 business day before payday in order to pay your employees on time through direct deposit. Missed the payroll deadline? Not a problem. You can expedite your payroll to pay your employees on time.

  1. Click the Run Payroll tab.
  2. Click Run Regular Payroll.
  3. Under the check date, click I need it sooner.
  4. Click Upload Screenshot to upload a screen shot that contains the following information:
    • Last 4 digits of your company's bank account
    • Remaining balance in your company's bank account
    • Timestamp showing today's date
  5. Click Save and Continue.
  6. Finish running payroll.

Our internal teams will review your screen shot to ensure there are enough funds in your bank account to cover your payroll. You should receive a response from them within 1 business day. Once approved, the check date will update in your Gusto account to reflect the expedited payday. 

View the timeline for expediting to see when this option is available.

Questions & Answers

Q: How do I take a screen shot on a Mac?

A: Press Shift + Command + 4. Then drag your cursor to fit the image you'd like to capture.

Q: How do I take a screen shot on a PC?

A: To take a screenshot of your whole screen, press PrtScn in the upper right side of your keyboard. To take a screen shot of one window only, press AltPrtScn.



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